Peaceful Sleep – Happier You

Peaceful sleep can be a challenge for the Suddenly 60! woman. This can be do to lot of things, but I can I can tell you this for sure: if you go to sleep tonight thinking about today’s problems or tomorrow’s rushed schedule (or other stressful thoughts), this can lead to negative emotions, leading to an endless loop of unhelpful chatter and restless sleep.  Your brain will use these thoughts and emotions as signals to determine your body’s physiology appropriate for that type of stress. This can include muscle tension, high cortisol levels, heart pounding, and sleeplessness.


When you go to sleep in the midst of intense emotions and your body’s response to them, they are glued into the sub-conscious mind, having a lasting effect during the night.


It’s important to put aside your worries and frustrations before you get into bed. One thing that I find helpful is diffusing a nice, calming essential oil blend. My favorite blend to support peaceful sleep is Young Living’s Stress Away or SleepyIze. Diffusing next to my bed helps bring a smile to my face and relaxation to my body.
For more information on Young Living Essential Oils, click here: Wellness with Essential Oils

Another technique I like to use before while laying in bed before sleep is listening to my personal Power Script! My Power Script is a collection of positive statements starting with “I, Debbie, and so happy and grateful now that…” for several areas of my life: financial, social, wellness, business, etc. recorded in my own voice. Listening to this before I go to sleep puts me in a happy mood, prepares my subconscious to receive creative ideas to help me achieve my goals, and promotes better sleep!
You can learn more about getting your Power Script recorded here:

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